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Diabetes and Heart Disease

Improve your health

Diabetes and heart disease are major plagues in America. Many people also suffer from metabolic syndrome, which combines the susceptibility of both diseases. When you live with diabetes and/or heart disease, you are at a greater risk of other complications and an early death. 


Often, there are underlying issues tied to these conditions, including: 


  • Nutrition deficiency

  • Dysbiosis in the gut

  • Oxidative stress

  • Inflammation


Luckily, you can greatly reduce your risk through diet lifestyle changes. Many studies have shown the potential for a healthy lifestyle to reverse diabetes, hypertension, and other issues. 


Our treatment protocols focus on finding a healthy, sustainable diet and exercise program to help you lose weight, reduce chronic inflammation, heal the gut, and reduce your oxidative stress. Together, this has a positive impact on your biomarkers for diabetes and heart disease, which ultimately reduces your risk of the associated complications of these chronic diseases.

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