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Learn to Live Healthy Programs

Join one of our programs to learn practical tips to navigate a healthy lifestyle in today's society. Each 10-week program will have a special theme, so you might find you want to do more than one! 

Let our functional nutritionist advise you on the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle that does not always mean sacrifice.


During the 10 week program, you have access to a pre-recorded 30 to 40-minute lecture and a 20 to 30-minute live group chat to discuss the week's lesson, share your experiences, and ask questions. You also have access to a private Facebook group for additional support and encouragement during the program.

Cost for each program is $100*

Upcoming Programs: 
Get Back on Track - Fall Edition

As the end of summer approaches, is your life getting busier? Perhaps the kids are going back to school and their many commitments. Or perhaps you don't have kids, but the hot summer weather made it difficult to maintain your healthy lifestyle.


Now is the perfect time to get back on track with your health goals before your calendar gets too crazy with the holidays. Our program provides tips on how to implement behavior changes to achieve long-term success! The 10-week program runs from August 15, 2018, to October 17, 2018.


Topics will include: 


  • Finding a healthy and sustainable diet

  • Making the best choices when dining out 

  • How to navigate fast food when it's the only option

  • Dealing with social pressures 

  • Setting SMART health goals 

  • Deciding the best way to move for you 

  • Forming healthy habits

  • Breaking unhealthy habits

  • And more!


Access to pre-recorded webinars will be emailed out on Tuesday mornings, starting August 14, 2018. Live group sessions will meet on Wednesdays at 6pm starting August 15, 2018. Any pearls that come out of the group session will be sent out via email to participants by Friday of the same week. 


You will also have access to a private Facebook group for additional support and group discussions during the course of the program. 


Contact us to learn more.

*Price and program particulars subject to change. Open to CA residents only

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