What Kind of Hunger Is Driving You to Eat? Part 3: Emotional Eating

Updated: Nov 19

In our previous posts, we delved into how the senses drive hunger as well as how the body cues you that it needs food. In our final part of this three-part series on how different hungers drive you to eat, we are going to talk about two of the most difficult components of driving forces for eating: the mind and the heart.

Mind Hunger

Our brains are so powerful!!! They can convince us to eat anything – or not eat something.

Mind hunger incorporates the thoughts of should eat and shouldn’t eat, as well as whether you deserve a certain food. This food is good, this food is bad. I deserve this cupcake because I worked out this morning. Cupcakes are bad for me; I should feel guilty for eating it. These are examples of some of the ways that the mind guides us on how and when to eat.

Diet trends fall into this category as well: Eggs used to be bad to eat but now they are good. Carbs are bad for you. Fat is bad….wait it is good for you? If I eat ice cream, I will skip dinner to make up for it.

What other examples can you think of that you do on a regular basis?

Our minds can also convince us to eat more food because it tastes good or looks good, all of the sensory hunger we discussed in the first article in our series. The mind can also tell us to eat more food because it’s our last chance to