The Health Benefits of Movies

Updated: Nov 19

Do you like watching movies and/or television? And how often have you heard that spending too much time watching TV or movies is bad for your health? Most likely, a lot. What if I were to tell you that might not be the whole story.

I love going to the movies and I truly believe that television is one of the loves of my life. I get really into shows, and I am a chronic binger. For me, watching movies and TV is one of the best ways for me to rest and relax. Although I can see some ways in which it may lead to bad habits, I have never felt that enjoying this form of entertainment was in and of itself unhealthy.

Guess what? Some recent research just backed up my thoughts and have demonstrated a few potential health benefits of going to the movies.

Movies and TV’s Unhealthy Reputation

In the wellness world, sometimes I feel as though I will be kicked out as an expert for admitting my adoration for the cinematic arts. Although the people I interact with are lovely, there are times where I have felt shamed for my movie-loving, which may or may not be something stemming from my own insecurities.

This is because movies and TV watching is often associated with being too sedentary or opting for poor food choices. In a nutshell, it is often associated with overall "unhealthy" lifestyle behaviors and thereby a reputation for being unhealthy.

But I always felt that movies and television were wrongly maligned. While there are some behaviors associated with watching TV and movies that could negatively impact health, such as increased blue light exposure, lack of movement, and mindless snacking, association does not mean causation.

So, Are Movies Really Bad for Your Health?