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Group Programs

Learn to make healthy changes with a community of support!

Outdoor Aerobics

Looking to make changes to your health but wishing you had a group for support and accountability along with the guidance of an expert? Then join one of our group programs.


In these programs, you work on your own but you have guidance through weekly videos and Q&A sessions. The program starts on a particular date, allowing you to experience it at the same time as a group of other people. You and your online community can interact in the special, private Facebook group. Your group is going through the same experience you are, imparting understanding, accountability, and additional support.


Similar to our DIY Programs, with each program, you receive a weekly module that educates and coaches you to implement the activities. There will also be supporting documents filled with helpful tips and action steps so you not only learn which foods to eat but are able to actually make the changes. Most courses also incorporate supplementary lifestyle changes, such as exercise, stress relief, and sleep. 


Our programs also include exclusive access to a private Facebook group for additional support.*

Current Programs

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New Year, Healthier You 2019


A 4-week course to help you start the new year off right. It starts on January 5, 2019, just in time to give you a head start on your New Year's health goals.


Click the button to download an informational brochure:





You will be guided through a 4-week elimination diet. Each week's module will also have a particular theme to help you implement additional changes during the program.


You have access to 5 hours of education and coaching, with each one-hour video rolling out per week of the program. The videos do not just inform; they also include actionable items and coaching to help you make real changes. There is also an additional recorded and/or live Q&A session per week.


The five video themes include: 


Introductory video

Week 1: Planning, Goal Setting, and the Elimination Diet 

Week 2: Sleep and Stress Relief

Week 3: Reducing Your Toxic Burden

Week 4: Get Moving!


The Specifics

What's included: 


  • Weekly videos lasting 30-60 minutes

  • Weekly live and/or recorded Q&A sessions

  • Access to a private Facebook group for support and accountability 

  • Support documents

  • Access to discounts on services and additional options after completing the course 

  • And more!

Special Inaugural Program Price: 
$50  - Limited Time** 

Payment plans available.


Discounts available for seniors, students, military personnel, first responders, veterans, teachers, and those on Medicare or Medicaid. Ask about our refer-a-friend discount! Contact us to learn more.


The program is managed on Practice Better, so a free account is required to sign up and receive the program materials.

Disclaimer: Prior to making any diet and lifestyle changes, you must check with your physician, especially if you are on any medication or have any life-threatening diseases.

*Only general questions regarding implementation of the diet will be answered on Facebook. Any specific, individualized advice, especially regarding any health concern, will only be provided through one-on-one and small group sessions.

**We will charge a higher price for future group programs. Take advantage of being a founding member of our group programs with this limited time offer. 

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